Our philosophy

Our philosophy

“The human stays in focus of our performance.”


“The human”  
Human-beings who unfold their creative power in our company shall feel comfortable and shall have the possibility to develop constantly. They shall feel happy with their work in order to contribute to the health of all the people with high personal responsibility and motivation.

The highest aim of our performances and products is the uncompromising quality.

With this claim we merge the joy in our work in accordance with the healing from humans all over the world. With this basic elements it goes without saying that we always focus on the values “honesty, diligence and stability”.


“Environment and nature”

We are aware that the natural resources are only finite and limited. It is our task to handle it with greatest attention and highest thoughtfulness. We attach high importance to the recyclability and reusability of our used and selected materials and resources.


“Social task”

Only through an intact social environment it is possible for us to live together in peace and health happy and satisfied on our planet. Unfortunately this is not granted for everybody. Therefore it is important for us to campaign for social facilities and events within our bounds of possibility.