Pure extravagance.

  • high consistency in function and lifetime
  • comfortable and precise working
  • antimagnetic
  • stainless
  • free of chrome and nickel

Experience the “pure elegance and extravagance” in its special way. With the ASANUS Anobilis product line we offer you extremely precise micro instruments which have been coordinated in function and application with their needs.

“Working with finest Anobilis quality at the highest level.”

All utilised materials of this product line were selected carefully and in accordance with the manufacture. Due to their High-Tec-melting these instruments offer you a high consistency in function and lifetime. The instruments are allergy free of chrome and nickel, acid-resistant as well. This saves patient and users with chromium nickel allergies. The Anobilis product line enables you even easier and more precise to contribute to your operational success.