The Data-Matrix Concept

For unique identification.

Today, the Data-Matrix-Code replaces the simple barcode as a visual decoding procedure many times. The two-dimensionality enables a visual small identification solution for surgical products.

The Data-Matrix-Code, as well as the barcode, can be applied printed and as an adhesive label. The ASANUS instruments are provided with that code through laser marking. It can be read by the ASANUS BarCon reader which loads data in combination with the BarCon Software in the house intern database. However the Data-Matrix Code can be read by every other Data-Matrix compatible reader too. But due to our experience some Data Matric Codes are not permanent and fully readable after a certain time in use due to processing environment aspects, which occur at any hospital sometimes.

We recommend for safety and automation identification our ARIS RFID Chip system as a permanent full and save reading and registration solution.