Surgical instruments – single use

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Surgical instruments for single use

  • cost reduction through saving of repair and processing costs
  • low acquisition costs
  • constant quality
  • sterile applicable in OR
  • explicit marking of instruments
  • ecologically sustainable

Through financial changes in the public health system restructurings have to be made in process and cost procedures meanwhile. Cost reduction as well as saving of sterilization costs and discharge of the CSSD play a big role. Trough using single use instruments the amount of ward instruments can be reduced. Furthermore processes can be enhanced by shifting main tasks of the CSSD staff.

“Use once – win frequently.”

With the Classic single-use instruments line you get a single use product which distinguishes itself by a very good quality and function. All single use instruments which are made of stainless steel run through a highly professional production and final inspection. Moreover they are delivered as a sterile product with the appropriate high purity degree. By considering national requirements, after application the instruments can be led to the material recycling process but not to cssd deparment.

The instruments are marked as single use instruments clearly and visually through a distinct coloured and symbolic marking. This prevents the mix-up with reusable instruments.