The company

The company

Analogously ASANUS means “towards health”

The company ASANUS Medizintechnik GmbH offers complete system solutions and products with a high, sustainable economic benefit for the health care sector in the operative and information technology sector. The constant questioning of meaningfulness in the creation of products and services is characteristic for the platform and basis of our creative power and our actions. In line with tradition and high-tech innovations, ASANUS Medizintechnik creates your ideal platform for economically sensible solutions in the operative hospital work environment and enables you to work in a network according to modern industry standard 4.0.

Instruments for life

ASANUS Medizintechnik GmbH offers you high-precision, surgical quality instruments “Made by ASANUS” for almost every surgical field far beyond the standard.

“We create new standards”

Over a period of more than 15 years ASANUS Medizintechnik developed a sophisticated BarCon software for the complete sterile goods logistics with integrated HIS and ERP material area for hospitals. This system enables the user for the first time to map, plan and control processes holistically and in real time. The availability of resources is also monitored in real time and regulated and communicated in accordance with the users. In addition, ASANUS Medizintechnik offers a highly innovative tool for the individual tracking of surgical instruments, sieves and means of transport, including the control of fully autonomous vehicles in the transport area, as well as robots with fully automatic loading of trolleys for functional areas such as operating theatres, outpatient clinics, etc., through the further development of ARIS RFID chip technology.

With the BarCon logistics software system you can achieve

– maximizing flexibility

– optimization of warehousing and logistics

– increased security through availability check and priority control

– sustainability in standardization of materials and interventions

– control of Material Costs in Surgery

– minimization of personnel-related errors