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ASANUS Geschäftsführer Armin Schorer über Krankenhauslogistik

ASANUS general manager about hospital logistics


Studenten bekommen Einblicke, wie chirurische Instrumente rückverfolgt werden

Students learn how to track surgical instruments


Botschafter entdecken ASANUS Innovation auf der MEDICA 2017

Ambassadors discover ASANUS innovations during MEDICA 2017


Innovationspreis für ASANUS BarCon Software und RFID Chip-Technologie

Innovation Award for ASANUS BarCon software and RFID chip technology



Eye on material flow: network solutions for hospital logistics

Interview with Armin Schorer, Managing Director, ASANUS Medizintechnik GmbH

Hospitals need an accurate assessment of the location and quantity of their materials to eliminate sources of error. Automated processes can also help employees to make these materials available at the right time and at the right place. Digital network systems will substantially support the logistics in the hospital of the future.

In this interview with, Armin Schorer describes the role networked logistics solutions play in today’s hospitals, explains the requirements that have to be met for their implementation and ponders the future development of hospital logistics.

Find the whole interview on the official MEDICA website.




Stuttgart, DEU, 22.05.2017 100 Orte fuer Industrie 4.0 in Baden-Wuerttemberg [ (c) Martin Storz / Graffiti, Baumreute 56 B, 70199 Stuttgart, fon: +49-172-711 01 60, ; Kto: 4600578, BLZ: 600 501 01, IBAN: DE32 6005 0101 0004 6005 78, BIC: SOLADEST ; Ust-ID: DE 147752177 ; Jegliche Nutzung nur auf Grundlage unserer AGB, gegen Honorar zzgl. gesetzlicher MwSt, vollstaendiger Namensnennung und Zusendung von zwei Belegexemplaren. Berechnungsgrundlage fuer Nutzungshonorar sind die aktuellen Bildhonorare der MFM des BVPA. ; Verwendung des Bildes ausserhalb journalistischer Berichterstattung bedarf besonderer schriftlicher Vereinbarung. For any usage other than editorial, please contact photographer. ; Attention: NO MODEL-RELEASE!] [#0,26,121#]

Innovation award for development and realisation of a remarkable new 4.0 industrial solution.

ASANUS currently received the ‘Innovation 4.0’ award from the government of the federal state Baden-Württemberg for its BarCon Software and ARIS RFID technology for hospitals.

The system enables a real-time network workflow for all sterile materials in all working areas.

The original document can be seen here:

Certificate of Innovation award

Baden-Württemberg is Europe’s number one region for innovations. Please see more at:

This emphasises our technological leadership of instrument and material tracking with a holistic management system.